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About David Handy Art

Born and raised on planet Tejas. I’ve spent the last 34 years preparing myself to be the person and artist I’ve become.

I exist in these modern times, as a reminder of a time when things were rad and gnarly. When vatos wore dickies and house shoes to school and “orale!” was as common as tacos on Tues. Arcades in every store.

Myself, Along with many other cultural warriors across the globe, keep moving forward in this crazy world, to make sure that the Spirit of our Era stays alive.

My artwork is an endless scape, from an imagination fueled by sci-fi, horror, tv, comics and anime, in various styles and mediums.

Trustworthy, Integrity, & Honesty


David Handy is a professional and exceptionally talented artist.  I contacted several shops around town, but he was the only one to respond in a reasonable amount of time, which was fine with me because they were my top choice anyway!  I went in spoke with David about what I was looking for, and we made a plan to start ink the next day.  On Tattoo Day, he had a sketch ready.  He was quick but thorough.  My new piece turned out exactly like I hoped.

The studio itself is great.  It was clean and laid back,and they had some fun movies playing the whole time I was getting tattooed. I’m already planning my next piece and hope David will be available to do it!

Jessie D.

Grass is one of the most talented and amazing artists I have had the pleasure of getting art from! I came to him with a simple concept for my grandfather who passed. He was the reason for my love of writing and one of my most vivid happy childhood memories of him was blowing dandelions and making wishes. I wanted to intertwine these important memories and factors of my relationship with. I came to Grass with the idea of an old school typewriter with some grass and weeds growing out of it, and my grandfathers name DOB and DOD on the scroll of paper. Grass drew it up and delivered 10 fold! I’ve loved it from the moment he drew it out. It’s one of my favorite tattoos to show off.

Clarissa J.

About My Tattoos

The love of art transfers over to my tattoo work, as well. Chicano, Traditional Americano, Portraits,Traditional Japanese, Black and Gray work, I love it all. My clients come from near and far, from all kinds of backgrounds with all kinds of ideas. With that said, I’ve educated myself in just about everything under the sun. If i can research the focus of the design i’m working on, the better the end result.

Not everyone is an artist, but I am. with 16 years tattoo experience under my belt, I know the formula for a great tattoo and my clients trust in that, which leads to them leaving happy, knowing they got the best design possible.

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About My Art

My artwork is an endless scape, from an imagination fueled by sci-fi, horror, tv, comics, kaiju and anime, in various styles and mediums. from sketch art to fine art, and everything in between, straight from the brain of a nerd.

Still a kid at heart, I feel it’s necessary to hang on to a part of who we once were. A childhood toy, book or movie can stick with us and take us back to a certain moment in time. I try to focus on those memories and use them as inspiration in the now. Bringing my influences to the surface, with hope that a fire still burns in the hearts of those who remember.

Art Gallery coming soon!